Jul 25, 2008

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for c# 2005

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for c# 2005

The following keyboard shortcuts I find invaluable. It's amazing how many people still use the mouse to do everything.
Document navigation :

Ctrl+Tab Switch documents

Ctrl+Shift+Tab Reverse switch documents

Ctrl+kk Drop a bookmark

Ctrl+kn Itterate through bookmarks

F7 Switch from HTML to Codebehind view

Ctrl+- Navigate backward through last cursor locations

Code Navigation :

F12 Goto Definition

Ctrl+] Jump to matching brace

Editing :

Ctrl+c Copy a whole line

Ctrl+v When a whole line in the clipboard (as above) this will instet a whole copied line.. handy for quick duplication

Ctrl+u Change to lower case

Ctrl+Shift+U Change to UPPER case

Macros :

Ctrl+Shift+R Record a quick Macro

Ctrl+Shift+P Run the quick Macro you just recorded

Ctrl+kc Comment out selected lines

Ctrl+ku Uncomment selected lines


Ctrl+kd Autoformat selected lines

Hope this is more useful to attract others!Happy Programming

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